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"Where Things That Bleat & Bray 
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Who We Are


Ashington Park is located in Chiltern, Victoria, 20mins south of the Albury/Wodonga, just off the Hume Highway.  Cradled by the Mt Pilot/Iron Box National Park, the dry summers and mild winters provide the ideal environment for our mini donkeys, mini ponies and mini goats to thrive.

Ashington Park is named after Ashington, a town near Newcastle in England where Donkeys were used in every day life doing everything from carrying fish from the harbour, to working the small plot farms and even being ridden by the children to school! 

Love and affection, cuddles and kisses are always in high demand with our herd, which is why Ashington Park donkeys are renowed for their outstanding temperament and character.  Ashington Park welcomes visitors by appointment for meets and greets with our donkeys.  Families with children and families with special needs members are especially welcome at Ashington Park. 

Our foals arrive in safe, weatherproof facilities and are given human contact and handling from birth.  They are kept under constant surveillance and Ashington Park uses a specialist equine vet to safe guard our donkeys health and wellbeing, if required. 

All this time, effort and experience goes into offering you a donkey that will melt your heart, not your credit card.  A donkey that will give you a lifetime of unconditional love, unquestioning loyalty and unforgettable memories. 

But don't take our word for it, come and meet our lovable longears and judge for yourself............................


 Why a Donkey?


  Donkeys have been companion and working animals for man since the earliest days of civilisation.  Donkeys have been loved by the rich and famous, the poorest of people and are still the prize posession of their owners worldwide.  Donkeys are ideal pets for children as they are solid stable mounts, are easily trained and their fright reaction is to stop and stand still (hense their undeserved reputation for stubborness).  Donkeys will never knowingly head into dangerous situations, and you rarely have to “fear the rear” with a donkey.  Donkeys are used for riding, driving, working on small acreages and hauling loads.  Donkeys are also used as pets and mounts for children with disabilities.  These wise and gentle creatures just seem to know when someone is that little bit special.  

Donkeys also appear to be “Hypo Allergenic” .  People who are allergic to horses or ponies can play, groom and cuddle our donkeys without any effects at all.  They are simply the ideal pet for the allergic owner.


Ashington Park abides by the ethics and guidelines as stated in the constitutions of The American Donkey and Mule Society & The Donkey Society Of Victoria.

"Happiness is a Hearty Bleat & Bray"!



Visitors Welcome By Arrangement


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